I love Pinterest! It’s so fun to get on there and look at the fun craft and DIY ideas. I had a secret/hidden board of cute pregnancy announcements. I thought for sure that when the time came to tell my hubs I’d follow one of the elaborate Pinterest ideas. šŸ˜‚ Who was I kidding? I am a Pinterest observer not participator! November 23, 2014 – I had missed a period and Adam told me to take a test. -No way I’m pregnant, but okay!- Well, I peed on the stick, we anxiously waited the minute or so and then… šŸ˜³šŸŽ‰šŸ˜„ I was pregnant! We were going to have a BABY! We laughed and cried and danced around the house! We didn’t tell anyone for weeks & weeks. It was so fun to have a secret just between the two of us! 

I peed on a few more sticks and they were all positive. So I decided to call the local ob/gyn and schedule a blood test to confirm. Everyone around here used that practice. My mom gave birth to me and then my twin sisters with them. They had to be good, right? I had read a little about prenatal care and giving birth. I watched “The Business of Being Born” on Netflix. I knew what a blessing this baby and pregnancy were and I wanted to the treated with amazing care!
I knew I wanted a magical pregnancy, but going into the hospital basement to meet the ob/gyn was anything but magical. It was mostly dark, dingy, and a little creepy! They took my blood, confirmed my pregnancy, and set up an in office appointment for a few weeks later. Not magical, but hey, it was only the first appointment. I’m sure it’ll sparkle soon!

When I went to the ob/gyn’s office, I 100% felt like a number and not the amazingly blessed preggo lady that I was. At my first visit they pushed for me to sign a circumcision consent form… (but that’s for another post!) I was newly pregnant and had no idea about the sex of my baby… but anyways… The ob/gyn acted like she’d never met me and acted irritated that she didn’t have my chart (um what? That’s not my job!) She berated me, telling me that I was “extremely obese” and to exercise and watch what I ate. I left feeling shattered. I was heartbroken to be honest. How was I not not supposed to gain while pregnant? I told the woman working the front desk that I never wanted to see that doctor again but her reply was something along the lines of “we don’t do that” and “you get who you get.” What!?On the way home I just cried and cried. Something didn’t feel right.

I went back around 9 weeks for my first ultrasound. The tech was cold but my husband and I were ecstatic to see our little baby and hear his heartbeat. Why didn’t anyone else at the office share our excitement? We went back to see another ob/gyn in the practice… she told me that my “placenta was low” and I’d “have to have a c-section.” That was it! I requested my charts and told them I wouldn’t be back. Then my research began. 

I found The Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. From the first phone call I knew it was the place for me! The woman on the phone was warm and kind. She was appalled and sad for me about how the ob/gyns had treated me. After checking insurance and setting the financial agreement we scheduled our orientation and never looked back! The orientation was informative, warm, welcoming, and inviting! We toured the building and met one of the nurses who explained everything about the center. The appointments at the midwife center were so different than the local ob/gyn’s. The office staff was sweet and welcoming. They knew and called me by my name. They had healthy snacks and water in the waiting room! (Haha now that’s the way to a preggo mama’s heart!) The first appointment was around an hour long. The midwife took the time to get to know me and my husband. She assured me that my weight wasn’t a problem and wouldn’t interfere with my healthy pregnancy. She explained how big my uterus, the baby, and the placenta were and explained that we wouldn’t even discuss a caesarean unless the placenta is covering the cervix (which it wasn’t). 

I was and still am so in love with The Midwife Center. They informed, embraced, and empowered me through my pregnancy and even after as a new mama! Check back for more info about TMC, my amazing doula, and my birth story! 

If you have a unique ob/gyn vs midwife story leave a comment!