After giving birth to our sweet baby boy I was on an oxytocin high! I couldn’t believe this little angel was ours! 
My family all came in to meet him but he stayed cuddled on my chest. Everette was brand spankin’ new & needed to stay with me. I felt guilty that they didn’t get to love him up and pass him around (like everyone is used to with a new baby) but I knew how essential skin to skin bonding was after giving birth. Thankfully they were all patient and understanding. (I told them this for weeks and weeks and weeks prior to delivery!)
After our crew left daddy was starving! He ordered a ton of greasy delivery food for himself. The first thing I ate after having our son was crunchy m&ms! I opted for an English muffin with peanut butter made by my amazing nurse, Cheryl. We ate and then daddy passed OUT! Labor was tough on him too. He was an amazing support. Adam didn’t push the baby out, but he definitely put in work! He massaged, danced, got his hands crushed by mine… He laid in the bed next to Everette and I and slept for a few hours. I couldn’t sleep! I was too elated! I just stared at this beautiful gift that God gave us. I kept whispering how much I loved him!
I should add here too that before the food and napping Cheryl, an board certified lactation consultant, helped me nurse Everette for the first time. I wish I could say it was a magical moment! He didn’t latch right away. My nipples were so soft and wouldn’t stand up. Cheryl gave me a shield and that worked perfectly. I was a little bummed that I needed it, but I was so happy that he was getting colostrum!
When he woke up a new nurse, Ashley, came in to go over all of the paperwork, home-care, and discharge information. Yes, discharge information! The Midwife Center says that if mama and baby are healthy then the best place for them to be is at home! We had Everette at 6:59pm and by 2am we had our little bundle of love strapped into a car seat and we were heading home!
The birth center is around 45 minutes away from our house, but there was a major construction project clogging up the most direct route. I made Adam drive around his elbow to get to his thumb. I couldn’t imagine riding on that tough bumpy road so we drove way out of our way (and at a snail’s pace!) I’m so glad we took the long way!
It was around 4am when we got home. Adam unloaded the car (we literally didn’t need to take anything! I’ll write about that soon!) and took in baby’s blanket for our dog, Winnie, to smell. Everette was in his carseat and Adam carried him into the house. I greeted Winn & then rinsed off in the shower before hitting the bed. We all slept soundly til 8-9am then it was time to go to the pediatrician.
Apparently peds visit new mamas/babies in the hospital after birth, but since we opted for a birth center birth we needed to take Everette to be seen the next morning. The staff was warm and welcoming and so were the other parents in the waiting room. “Awe how old is your baby?” Umm… 14 ish hours… You should’ve seen their faces! People were shocked! The ped tossed our brand new baby around like a rag doll! We were so uneasy with how he handled our son! He asked if we had any questions so I asked when he thought E should see the chiropractor. He ranted and raved that chiropractic was necessary. Um, what? I notified the front desk that we did NOT want to see that ped again and then we headed home. 
I’m pretty sure we all slept all day that first day with the exception of the home nurse’s visit. (Or was that the 2nd day? Those first days, weeks are blurry! Haha!) She was the sweetest lady. She did a complete exam on me – in the comfort of my own bedroom! Then she did tests on Everette and a complete exam. I was so glad to be home and not in a hospital. I was in my own bed with my own stuff!
The nurse and my midwife cautioned me about over doing it, physically. They said to limit the stairs to once a day. That was easy to do because Adam made sure that he took amazing care of me. That first day and week he changed every single diaper! He made sure I ate good meals with snacks in between. Bottles of water were always within my reach. Kleenex boxes were too (stupid sinus infection!) He ran up and down the stairs so much that he joked “the next house we buy will be a ranch!” I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. I was so blessed by him (and I still am!) He made sure that my only responsibility was to nurse our baby. He literally took care of everything else! One of my favorite memories was within the first couple of days. He picked up Pizza Joe’s and we ate it picnic style on our bedroom floor… ❤️️
Adam could be the picture perfect poster boy for postpartum support. I was bummed about having to use the nipple shield and he had the perfect way of explaining it to me. “You need your glasses to help you see, right? You need the shield to help you nurse. It’s not a big deal, babe.” OMG I love this man. (I only stuck with the shield for 3-4 days before I ditched it. Everette latched perfectly and here we are – almost 16 months later and he still nurses like a newborn!)
We thought this new parent thing was a breeze! Our baby slept like a dream which let us sleep like dreams too! He never cried. He was so sweet and perfect! And then… night 2 happened! 😂 Everette was a crying, screaming crazy baby! He finally realized that he wasn’t in mama’s warm belly and he was NOT happy about it. I was sooooo tired and he cried and cried. Adam carried him around and rocked him so that I could try to get a little sleep, but I couldn’t sleep because my baby was crying! We were dumbfounded! What was wrong with our sweet angel? Nothing! This 2nd night thing was not unique to us! (But we didn’t know that back then!) 

Fast forward – Everette will be 16 months in a few days. We made it! We didn’t just survive, but we thrived! Parenting has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us! We love our boogie man to the moon and back! Was your experience similar? How was your 2nd night?