Annnnd it’s the 9th day of December when I’m starting… whoops! Better late than never, right? This is a fun little challenge! I’m going to do days 1-9 today and then (attempt) post the rest day by day! This doesn’t exactly fit my mama/baby theme but read and you’ll see that I can’t turn my “mama” off!

1. Favorite Christmas Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life! Hands down! My husband and I watch it every Christmas Eve after church. I absolutely love it! I had the George Bailey train of thought for quite some time. I -had- to get out of “Bedford Falls!” …and then I did. I moved to Virginia Beach and found who I was! I found the love of my life there too! Then ended up back in Bedford Falls as a wife, mother, and homeowner! It really is a wonderful life! If you haven’t seen it – you need to! It’s truly the sweetest Christmas movie!
2. 2012 Christmas List: my wedding! We got engaged the Sunday after Thanksgiving and eloped 4 short weeks later! I was so excited to find my dress, order our matching Toms, but most importantly to officially become my MR.’s Mrs! He proposed with a Christmas ornament! 

3. When/How did I learn about Santa: I’m honestly not sure. I do remember my mom’s BFF saying “that shoots the hell out of the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy!” I was slightly devastated because I knew about Santa but not the others😂 #thanksCarrie
4. Favorite Christmas Song: my favorite silly Christmas song is “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!” It’s so cute and catchy! I actually do want a hippopotamus for Christmas! It’s at target! Haha trying to show some restraint! Before you know it I’ll have a collection and I always said I would never have a collection! Here’s a text between my mom and I the other day… she gets me! 

5. Best Gift: This is a toss up! Childhood: The best gift I received as a child was a very nice (and expensive!) doll that looked like me. Her name was Bethany. I was sort of convinced I wouldn’t get her and then some Christmas magic happened and she was mine! Adulthood: Last year was my first Christmas as a mother. My husband did an amazing job at finding me the perfect ornament! It is a handmade wool ornament of a mother nursing her child! I couldn’t even pack it up last year! I bought a stand and have had it on display ever since! Shoutout to Radish Wool Works! Look her up on IG and Etsy! Jenny does amazing work!
6. Favorite Ornament: Read above! I absolutely adore my nursing mama/baby! 

7. Most Memorable Christmas: ah okay I can’t pick just one so again one from childhood and one from adulthood! Childhood: The rule at our house when I was growing up was that we couldn’t go downstairs until the sun came up. Killer! I’d always wake before the twins and watch A Christmas Story on tv 100x and then wake them when the sun was actually up. We ran downstairs… but no presents. OMG! We weren’t good and Santa didn’t come! Our little hearts were broken! Mom suggested we look in the basement… and there they were… alllllll over the basement floor under the little tree! I swear that’s the year I got a Sega Genesis! Such a memorable year! I swear I can still hear my grandma saying “whatdju get sissy?” and hear my pap laughing as we threw the balled up wrapping paper at him! Adulthood: last Christmas! Last year was full of amazing memories! Our son was 5 months old and we were asked to be the holy family at church on Christmas Eve. My parents came with us to church! The nativity pictures were adorable, and I couldn’t help but imagine how Mary felt that night… how tired, how sore, how in awe of her perfect baby boy, Jesus. She gave birth to the savior of the world! Thanks be to God! It’s so incredibly amazing to be a mother. It’s a holy blessing from above! 

8. My Christmas Decor: I’m pretty simplistic. A minimalist if you will! We did put up 2 trees this year though! Here’s a collage of pics! Look at E’s tiny little hand from last year’s art!

9. Easiest Person to Buy for: If you read my blog “Tis the Season” then you know we don’t buy for each other! Not or parents, not our siblings or friends, not even each other. (Okay not totally true!) Adam and I buy each other 1 ornament and a simple stocking! Last year I made everyone homemade baby art and will (try) to continue that sweet tradition! It’s really easy for me to GIVE! I love buying for angel trees or Operation Christmas Child! 
Check back for the rest of the 25 days of Christmas Blogging! Please repost, comment, share, or even blog your Christmas answers too! I love reading comments!! Happy Holidays!!