Thanks for reading my first 9 days of Christmas! Today is day 10 – Favorite Holiday Scent: This is an easy one for me! CINNAMON ROLLS! Every Christmas morning my mom made cinnamon rolls! I love the smell of cinnamon rolls on the oven! It brings me back to childhood when we’d run downstairs and open our stockings while they baked. Everyone knows that’s sis (me) gets the middle one! I don’t like the crusty edged ones! When my step dad moved in everyone made sure he knew the sis gets the middle roll rule! Now Christmas morning happens at my house. I make the cinnamon rolls and the rule still stands. Mama (me) gets the middle one! I’m sort of a freak about what our son eats but he’ll get cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! (Just not the middle one or this year😂he’s still a baby!) It makes me smile to think that someday my son will have these fond memories like I do and that he’ll continue the tradition!
Here’s an older screenshot text from my mom… haha the rule is real!

What’s your favorite holiday scent? Leave me a comment!