Day 11 – favorite holiday tradition! I already touched on this in a previous post (”Tis the Season) but I do have to say that giving is my favorite thing we do at this time of the year! I love giving and serving all year long but there’s an awesome feeling in the air at Christmas time! It almost feels magical! I read once that you should be careful about the way you live because sometimes you’re the only bible a person will ever read. Intense right? We can show the love of God without ever saying his name! I love getting gifts for kid on the angel tree or having a blessing bag in my car for when I see someone in need. My husband says I help him be more giving and generous and I hope to instill this in our young son! So far Everette has “participated” in making our blessing bags here at home, he “helped” prepare our Operation Christmas Child box, and even though it wasn’t Christmas time he “volunteered” at Stop Hunger Now. We can give and serve all year long, but like I said there’s just something so magical about doing it at Christmas time! I hope to continue the traditions of giving in our family!

Here’s a pic of my fam (daddy, baby, doggy) building our Operation Christmas Child box this year! 

You can donate to Samaritan’s Purse / Operation Christmas Child or Stop Hunger Now by clicking on the links. This could be a great way to start a new tradition with your family! 

Everette after a fun morning of packing meals to feed hungry people across the world!