…And I’m not talking about New Year’s Eve! I was all about this blogging Christmas challenge… until I wasn’t! 😬 It was a cute idea, but I couldn’t get into some (most) of the entries and I didn’t figure you (or anyone else) would want to read about things I’m not super passionate about. This blog is dedicated to being a mama and mama/baby related things! If you have a burning question from that list though, drop it in the comments and I’d be happy to reply!

I’ve been really enjoying this holiday season. We’ve watched movies (okay 1.5 and it took us like 4 days!😂), baked cookies, made homemade art/gifts (ill totally post those after they’re all given!), decorated, and we’ve had daily Christmas music dance parties! We bundled up and played in the snow! Everette lovvvved it!

This advent season has been joyous! Our new church has been a blessing to us! We’ve been looking for a “come as you are” United Methodist Church in the area since we moved back up north THREE years ago! Whew! It was exhausting to search and search! Thankfully now – we have a home! *stick with me even if you’re not a church going person – this is awesome for all breastfeeding mamas! 
We attended a different UMC in the area for a little over a year and after trying to make it work for us we finally decided it just wasn’t the right fit. I never felt comfortable nursing in the service (definitely not the reason we withdrew membership, btw!) They were accommodating and had a side room set up with a speaker so I could listen to the sermon. That was pretty awesome for a newish mama who wasn’t totally comfortable… But it gets better!
Our new church is small but mighty. There are people of all ages and backgrounds (can I get an AMEN for diversity!?) My son is a little older now but we still breastfeed on demand. Yes, he can use a cuppy but he prefers the comfort of mother’s milk. Anyways, the first time we were there with him he was tugging and wanting to nurse. I’m a confident badass breastfeeder these days. I know my rights and the law. I figured “hey if someone here judges me I’ll ask them how Mary fed Jesus and then peace out!” Haha! I nursed in the pew and didn’t notice anyone noticing us. At the end of the service a woman came up to me and with a big smile on her face- told me that she breastfed her son. What a relief! I thought she’d suggest a side room or something!
We take communion the first Sunday of every month. I was flying solo this month and boogie wanted milkies. How can I deny that sweet face and those chubby hands when they sign “milk!” So we’re sitting in the pee (up front of course!🤓) and the pastor busts out the bread. Ah wait! Not yet! Lol! Just kidding! We were fine! I put Everette on my hip and we took communion. YES! While he was still latched and nursing!
NO ONE said a thing! 
Breastfeeding is a gift from God! There’s nothing to be nervous or ashamed about. Our bodies were made to provide for our children! Thanks be to God!

Don’t get caught in a booby trap this holiday season! Treat yourself and keep nursing and caring for your baby as a top priority!  Here are some awesome tips from La Leche League

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy the greatest present of them all! #Jesus