As you know from my previous post my husband and I don’t exchange Christmas gifts. We give each other a special ornament and stuff a stocking. This year he really out did himself! 
He made me TWO ornaments. The first is a handmade ornament that says “Italy” which is awesome since we’re taking our first vacation abroad this summer! How thoughtful! But wait! There’s more!
The 2nd ornament was in a little glass jar that had a paper scroll attached to it. The scroll had a beautifully written poem. My husband wrote it from our son’s perspective. The jar had our son’s “raisin” as we call it. It was the part of his umbilical cord that fell off after he was born. I thought it was a little odd that we were hanging on to it until I saw it in the beautiful little jar with the poem.
The poem had me in tears. Here is it:
The Cord

It was there at the beginning,

It was there at the start,

This wonderful cord

That connected our heart.

It gave me your life,

It gave me your love.

Where did it come from?

It came from above.
It allowed me to grow,

So gently and strong.

It nourished for weeks,

Then July came along.
You labored for hours,

With smiles and fears.

You gave me your all,

Your love and your tears.
I was born in an instant,

So tender and new.

Dada was there,

And mamaw was too.

The time had come,

For our bond to be broken.

I was ready, mama,

The angels had spoken.
The swift cut of a knife,

Separated us that day.

You took ahold of my hand,

To show me the way.
Now we’re connected,

On a journey of love.

Thank you so much, 

For my life from above.
Thanks in advance,

For all that you do.

I can’t say it yet,

But I love you too!!”

Seriously. Take a minute to collect yourself after that sob fest. My husband – the father of our child – wrote that beautiful and touching poem just for me! 
I’ve been given so many beautiful gifts in my life! I’m not just saying physical things- my marriage, our son… it’s amazing that two people can love each other so much that they make a child. The bond between a mother and her child will be physically broken after birth (delayed cord clamping is the way to go, my friends), but the emotional bond is too strong to be broken.

We took Everette to the chiropractor’s office when he was 5 days old. Birth can be hard on a baby and we wanted to make sure we were giving him the healthiest start. Our amazing chiropractor actually used me as an instrument/tool to adjust the baby. He said that we were still as one for the first two months. I could go on and on about how amazing chiropractic care is, but I’ll stick to my original topic!
Everette and I have never been apart for more than 3 hours. He has slept with me ever since he was conceived. We are truly embracing the attachment parenting lifestyle. 
It’s so fitting that I happen to blog about this amazing gift today. It’s our anniversary! We eloped 4 years ago today after only 5 months of knowing each other! Crazy kids! Our first day was 7/29 and our wedding date was 12/29! Totally nuts! But “when you know, you know!” It hasn’t always been easy (Navy, deployment, new jobs, big moves, etc), but it’s always been worth it. Adam is heaven sent! He’s my perfect match! I couldn’t be the kind of wife/mother I am if he wasn’t the supportive husband/father that he is. I love you, babe!

Did you receive a super touching gift? Maybe a milk bead or a special keepsake? Drop a comment! I’d love to hear from you!

For anyone out there who may be reading this – it’s true. When you know you know! Marry the person who will grow old with you- who will bring you waters and snacks while you’re nursing your new baby- who will work 12 hour days so that you can be a sahm… marry the person who will support and love you all the days of your life!