(Baby’s first concert – WinterJam!)

When I was pregnant I didn’t even know babywearing was a thing. Babywearing was recommended to me first by my sweet friend and former coworker, Jess. She actually sent me an amazingly detailed list of baby items that were must haves. (Which reminds me, I want to blog it and post about it sometime with your permission!) I loved having her guidance and expertise! I didn’t know anything about babywearing or how much I’d love it!
Registering for baby items was a bit daunting. I wanted “the best” without getting sucked into the consumerism of having a baby. I did know I wanted a way to wear my baby when he/she came! I registered for the Ergo 360 and one of my college bff’s got it for me! (thanks, Shannon!) Then we picked up a Moby wrap on one of our many outings before our little sweetie arrived. 
We test drove the 360 with my cousin’s baby and a teddy bear! 🤣 Willah wasn’t a fan and we weren’t fans of the loud Velcro strap! The Moby felt tricky. The stretchy material made me nervous! I only wrapped the baby a 1/2 dozen times or so with it but never felt very confident in my abilities so I never ventured very far from the couch with him in it.
Everette was only 8 weeks old when my mom called and offered us two tickets to that evening’s Pirates’ game. We were a bit stir crazy and a LOT hesitant to accept her gift of tickets! She urged us to go. “Free tickets and a free parking pass – go! And if it’s not fun or too stressful then leave! You can do it!” (Which is awesome advice for new parents, by the way. Just go and do it. If it’s too hard or too sucky then go home!) So we agreed to go to the baseball game but first… I needed a baby carrier!

I wasn’t comfortable using the Moby and needed an insert for the 360 before I could put our bitty baby inside, so we rushed off to our local Walmart in hopes of scoring something that would work for the game. They had a limited selection but we tried a few on and decided on a winner! $20 Infantino for the win! We figured we’d return it after the game but that Infantino was perfect for the first few months! We both loved it! Baby was comfy and mama felt confident! We were able to go grocery shopping without the stroller and we were able to do some chores around the house!

At the grocery store! 
Babywearing opened a lot of doors! I was able to do more and go more all while having my new bundle of joy strapped on closely. I didn’t know it was such a crazy world! I jumped down the rabbit hole when I met with some local babywearing mamas! They introduced me to ring slings, Kinderpacks, Tulas, and wraps of all kinds! I honestly had no idea how much of a cult following babywearing had!  (Wearing my baby, nursing my baby, and got two hole in ones!)
(Voting and wearing my boy)

The community of local babywearers was awesome for this newbie! Meeting other mamas and learning about the carriers they loved was a lot of fun. We met up, tried different carriers, and would drink coffees or go on hikes. I loved Karin’s ring sling. She was kind enough to invite me into her home to teach me how to use it. I loved Jordan’s advice when it came to choosing a brand. (#lennylamb) 

I ended up packing up my Moby (baby #2 someday, maybe!) and exchanging the Ergobaby 360 for an Ergo Performance once Everette outgrew the Infantino. He probably could’ve stayed in it longer but I fell in love the Ergo Performance. I loved it until my son was around 14 months when I tried on and then quickly purchased a Kinderpack! The straps are like clouds! I wear my nearly 25 pound 18 month old all day without a problem! It’s so comfortable and they come in the cutest patterns! My KP is a standard/standard but if/when we have another baby I’ll be scooping up an infant size too!
I love to share the babywearing love! My mom and sister both proudly wear my son! Daddy does too occasionally. I recently loaned my Ergo to a friend to spread the love too! 

There’s something so satisfying about meeting your baby’s needs and keeping them close! It took me until he was 9 months old but then the game totally changed! I learned how to breastfeed my baby while wearing him! I do the double shirt method – pull the 2nd shirt up – loosen the straps and voila! No one can even tell! It’s amazing to babywear and breastfeed at the same time! Hello multitasking! (Even if that just means drinking a latte and shopping at Target!)

If you know me at all (or even if you read my blog from somewhere afar) you know I have a heart for people. I want to help and serve and give. I can’t help it – it’s just the way I am. Typically I don’t share my “good deeds.” I don’t do them for any glory or praise. I read online about donating baby carriers to Syrian refugees and I knew there’s where my beloved Infantino needed to go. But God intercepted my plan and gave me the opportunity to donate it to a local family. My mom and I were out on our usual Tuesday rendezvous of shopping and lunching when we encountered a family. We saw them walking all around town on a chilly, rainy day. The mama was carrying the baby even as they crossed the highway. We saw them once, then twice, and the third time I told my mom I had to stop and give the mama the carrier. They didn’t speak English but I was able to teach her how to wear her baby! We saw them a fourth and final time that day and the baby was safely strapped onto her mama’s chest. 
Any fun babywearing stories to share? What’s your favorite carrier? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading!