If you’ve ever talked to me, follow my IG account, or read my blog you know that I love my birth story. I love everyone’s birth stories, actually! 
It’s crazy to me that after becoming a mother I became so enamored by pregnancy, labor/delivery, doulas, midwives, natural child birth, breastfeeding, and the list goes on an on! 
Before I had Everette I couldn’t even handle the thought of childbirth. I got sick in my pregnancy childbirth classes. I felt hot and dizzy. My stomach hurt. I had to put my head down and definitely could NOT watch a woman giving birth. One time, years ago, I got a paper cut while looking at greeting cards in target and had to SIT DOWN IN THE AISLE when I saw the blood. LOL yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds!

Talk about a 180!

After becoming a mama, I was wondering if someone could have more than one calling in life… I absolutely adore being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)! Like, love it! I feel so blessed to stay home with our beautiful baby every day. I’ve really embraced this “promotion” as I like to call it. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher (I literally had the best teachers 4 years in a row!) So, by the ripe age of 8-9 I knew I’d be an elementary teacher!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Education. I subbed for 6 months before taking a huge leap of faith and moving to Virginia Beach. I worked so hard to find a job! I went to 20+ elementary schools in the area and gave them a packet I made with my resume and other important info. That hard work paid off and I had two offers within two days! I LOVED teaching and I was really good at it! 

Long story short I taught for four years. When we moved North I took a position as a long term/permanent substitute so I taught kindergarten from start to end of year but it wasn’t a contracted job. It was for one year only. (Which was a bummer and a blessing! I looooved my students, coworkers, and school district!) I was done with school in June and had my son in July!

Since I didn’t have a contract with the district, I didn’t have a job to return to in August and I definitely wasn’t in a hurry to rush back and leave my newborn. I found myself more and more intrigued by all things birth! I followed social media accounts, watched videos, and started reading online. I loved all of it! I wanted to eat, sleep, and breathe birth! 

I started blogging my own personal birth story and thoughts about the whole process in October 2016. I’d actually thought about blogging way before then but being a new mama is busy and I wasn’t even sure what I’d want to say. 

The more I blogged, watched, & read the more I thought about women who didn’t have the same experience that I did. Maybe they didn’t know they had options – of they didn’t have a supportive partner (or any partner at all – maybe they were grossed out and scared… I thought maybe my blog would reach some of these women and then a light switch flipped for me!

I could be their person! I could share information, show love, be strong, be encouraging, hold a scared mama’s hand, encourage her when she’s feeling weak, help partners feel involved, empower and witness the birth of a mama… I could be a doula! 

I didn’t really know how or where to start looking into it all. Coincidentally (actually a God thing!) two different mama’s reached out to me on social media. They are both birth doulas in my area. They both gave me information and encouragement that I needed to complete training. My wheels really started turning! God put these people in my life to encourage me to go after this new dream!

My doula was amazing. She helped me and my husband through my natural, drug free birth. Surprisingly, we were her very first birth after completing her DONA doula training! We’ve kept in touch. She’s a sweet friend and forever a very important person to me! She came over for coffee and a play date with our boys one day. It turned into lunch because we (and the boys!) were having so much fun catching up and talking doula! She brought me a stack of her books and her wealth of knowledge about the doula world!

I reaaaaaally started to think this could be a possibility for me. When I talked to my husband he was over the moon enthusiastic! He knew this was a passion of mine and supported me 100%! It takes a village though and my mom is my bff so I talked to her about it. She was just as excited as my husband and told me to go for it! 

I figured I’d do the training when my son was older but then an amazing opportunity to train under a living legend came up and I couldn’t miss it!
I want to blog more in depth about the incredible experience I had training under Kathy McGrath but for now I am just insanely excited to say I am a birth doula!

I’m a firm believer that God has a plan for my life and even though it’s cliche I do believe “everything happens for a reason.” I can’t wait to see how these plans will unfold! 

Do you have a calling? Share with me in the comments!