“I have nothing to wear!” Raise your hand if you’ve said this! 🙋🏼

I’ve lost so much weight! None of my dresses/skirts fit! They’re all too big! Such an awesome problem! But seriously – I have nothing to wear!  

Our Italian vacation will be here before we know it and I want to stock up on light summer dresses for our trip!

Now, nursing mamas raise both of your hands if you can’t find ANYTHING to wear in ANY store! 🙆🏼

Seriously!! So frustrating!! My mom, boogie, and I went into a dozen stores today. At first we’d browse and look through everything. Then, I was over it! 

“Hi! Let me know if I can help you with anything.” -saleswoman. YES PLEASE! So I tell the woman at Ann Taylor that I’m looking for lightweight dresses that button, snap, or stretch so that I can breastfeed in them. She is sweet and searches all of the racks to find me a few items. (Side note: two of which were rompers. I found out today I am not a fan of rompers! Haha!) Out of the 6 or so outfits I tried I only like 1. Coincidentally it was a “small” dress that my toddler son grabbed off of the sales rack. I was convinced it wouldn’t fit but… it’s so cute! Thanks baby! You helped mama today!

After lunching outside at Bravo with mom, baby, and our favorite waitress Katie, we decided to continue the quest for easy to nurse in dresses. We ended up at White House Black Market. Yuck. That store has, IMO, gone down hill. But anyways – Everette was asleep on my chest in his kinderpack. I told the women what I was looking for and one replied “oh wow! He’s as big as you are! How old is he?” “21 months, he’ll be 2 in July.” “And he’ll still be nursing by then?!” She seemed so shocked and surprised. “Yes, if that’s what he wants and needs.” She went on to suggest a few styles but I told her I’d have to pull my whole boob out! 😂 she innocently (?) said I could nurse him in the bathroom if that were the case and I informed her that I’d rather expose my breasts to the world than to feed my son in a bathroom. #neverhave #neverwill I was kind of annoyed by the exchange, but then I realized it wasn’t this woman’s fault that she thought nursing a toddler was odd.

Our society acts like breasts aren’t for babies and that breastmilk expires after a certain age or something. 

I just want the world to know that mothering through breastfeeding is loving, rewarding, NORMAL, and to be honest – sometimes really challenging -but- I know I’m giving my son the security, comfort, and liquid love that he needs. 

I also want to know where in the world I can find dresses! Help a sister out!