First of all- I have no idea what I’m doing! Haha! I have no special training. I haven’t read 1,000 books or blogs. I didn’t even start potty training on purpose! Okay, now that’s out of the way… 

Being a parent is weird. We rejoice bodily fluids and functions. We inspect the shapes, colors, and sizes of poops… lol. if you don’t want to hear potty things then this is your chance to close the tab!

I didn’t in a million years think we’d start potty training at 21 months! One of my sweet friends had given us a hand-me-down Elmo potty (have I ever mentioned that I 💙 hand-me-downs?!) Of course Everette always follows me into the bathroom so around 18 months we grabbed the Elmo potty from the basement and sat it in one of our upstairs bathrooms. He loved flushing it and straddling it. We’d sit him on it occasionally -and read a book or two- or he’d pop right off and we’d wrestle a diaper back onto his little butt.
A few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon (April 15) my mom, stepdad, and gram came over to visit. Boogie always has so much fun with them & the weather was gorgeous so we snuck off for an hour or so for a “date.” -Dates have really changed since we had our son but that’s totally okay!- We went to a local drive up restaurant and gorged ourselves with fries, burgers, and ranch drenched salad. Then we decided to get some ice cream – as if we didn’t have enough calories in the meal!😂 
We hadn’t been gone long when my phone started dinging and ringing. I answered the FaceTime call to see my son’s excited face. “Tell mommy and daddy what you did!” My mom said excitedly! “PEE! PEEEEEEE!” & then she turned the camera to show a few piddles of pee in his Elmo potty! We were ecstatic, excited, and in a bit of disbelief! He was 2 days shy of 21 months and peeing on the potty? 💥MINDBLOWN💥

I thought we had more time! Lol not that it’s a bad thing – at all! I was (am!) so surprised. Selfishly, I was a little jealous that I wasn’t there to experience his first pee pee on the potty but I really was excited for my family! …And then I was convinced that it was a fluke. 
It definitely wasn’t though. Everette was consistently peeing on the potty and not in his diaper! By day 3, he had even 💩💩💩 on the potty!


I kept him in diapers all week and set a timer on my phone for every hour. When it chimed I’d ask him if he wanted to potty. He kept his diapers dry and peed in the potty! He loved cheering and clapping. He felt so proud! I’d open the toilet lid, he’d proudly say “DUMPED!” and then I’d close the lid and he’d flush the big toilet. After 5 days of wearing diapers and rocking potty training I ordered Elmo undies and bit the bullet! He was ready and we were doing this!
We wore a diaper on him when we went into the city for the day. He was dry when we arrived at The Midwife Center’s open house event. At noon we went into the bathroom and he sat on the big toilet but didn’t go. We still celebrated and he flushed. I asked him hourly but he wasn’t interested. I figured he’d pee in his diaper when he had to go. Around 4:30 I checked his diaper and the yellow line was still there! No pee!?!? TMC’s event was over so I couldn’t get him back inside to use the potty. I joked that he should pee on a tree and our friends told us to go for it…. and that day… my son peed on his first tree in the city of Pittsburgh😅😂🤣

The Elmo underwear arrived. Day 1 in underwear was one for the books! 😂 He did amazingly well peeing on the potty but he must’ve had a touch of a stomach bug (or underwear felt weird…) because he pooped in them not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Potty training is not for the faint of heart (or the easily grossed out!) At one point he said “DRIPPED!” & he had, indeed, dripped a bit of pee on his underwear. 
I quickly realized that 7 pair of Elmo unders wouldn’t be enough so I hopped online and grabbed 7 pair of Paw Patrol too. *Side note: my son LOVES Elmo and Paw Patrol. It’s cracks me up because we don’t watch tv! Just recently I let him watch the Elmo YouTube video instead of just listen to it while I’m in the shower. He’s not even into watching it – he plays and dances! He knows Paw Patrol from a book he has and from haircuts at Mamaw’s shop.
Anyways – underwear day 1 was sort of rough. To be honest, I understand why people keep their kids in diapers for a while. This is time consuming and MESSY, but my son is ready so I have to be ready too!
By day 3 Everette learned the phrase “dry all day!” Because he had indeed kept his underwear dry all day! The funniest part of all of this to me, is when we pull his unders back on and he waves and says “bye pee pee!” 😂

We’re on week 2 (almost 3!) of potty training. Everette has worn his Elmo or his puppy underwear everywhere! He has peed on the potty at church, at an open house, at Ichiban, Costco… he’s really on a roll! We’re so proud of him! He is bummed when he poops on his puppies or his Elmo’s! He gets a sad face and proclaims “poop” like 30 seconds too late. We plop in into the potty, flush, and get him cleaned up. I tell him it’s okay to have accidents and remind him to keep his puppies and Elmo’s clean. He always says “YEAH!”
The diaper drawer in his room will soon be filled with underwear instead. It’s so bittersweet. Our little tiny baby boy is growing up so beautifully. Everyone tells you that “time flies” but you never know what that means until you experience it.

Now if we could only get him to 💩 on *or should I say IN* the potty consistently! 😂 If you know any tips or tricks please let me know!